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It was 20 years ago today

Hard to believe but today marks the 20th anniversary of the most memorable moment in Phoenix Suns history. Twenty years ago tonight, John Paxson broke hearts and burned some memories. Really awful memories.

And once again, we see just how transient our market is. When I tweeted and facebooked about the anniversary this morning, much of the reaction came from elated Chicago fans who were more than happy to relive the moment.

As with most Suns fans I can tell you exactly where I was when it all went down. New York City. In a dorm room on the campus of NYU while taking part in an internship with CBS Sports. The next morning my boss greeted me with a joke about Danny Ainge not covering Paxson.

A joke that’s been regurgitated for 20 years.

Sports Illustrated writer Jack McCallum recently wrote that he considers the ’93 Finals to be the best of all-time. Perhaps it was. And perhaps that title will be stolen Thursday night when the Spurs and Heat clash in Game 7.