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Michael Beasley did the Suns a favor

In a weird, twisted sort of a way, Michael Beasley did the Phoenix Suns a favor by getting arrested.

He left them without much of a choice.

Oh, I’m sure the new regime of the Suns takes zero delight in having to eat the salary doled out to this waste of time by the old regime. And it’s never a good thing when a player on your roster is arrested for marijuana possession.

But after this latest exercise in stupidity there is no reason — not a single one — to justify keeping Beasley on the Suns roster. Bad player. Bad judgment. Bye-bye.

Beasley just made it so easy for the Suns to cut him I can’t see a scenario in which they don’t.

He’s been nothing but a waste of time since Lance Blanks signed him to that risky contract and the argument could be made that he cost two popular figures with the Suns their jobs.

Alvin Gentry tried to make Beasley fit but couldn’t. Dan Majerle didn’t get the job, and Linsday Hunter did, based in part on the notion that Hunter could reach the unreachable Beasley. It was organizational advocacy all over again with a similar result.

The end result is a new front office that seems to have the sense of direction the previous one lacked. If that’s the end result of the Beasley era, then perhaps we’re all better off for it.