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Michael Beasley’s time with the Phoenix Suns will be over soon

The Phoenix Suns have until August 31 to release Michael Beasley, and it won’t take that long. The troubled former number 2 overall pick has worn out his welcome in the Valley of the Sun, and will soon be shown the door.

The move will likely come sometime in the next week after the Suns have done their due diligence and checked all the facts regarding his arrest for possession of marijuana in Scottsdale earlier this week. But make no mistake about it, he will never play for the Suns again.

The sad part about it, and trust me, I don’t feel sorry for that bum Beasley, but the Suns organization went above and beyond to help him get his life and career on track. They hired him a life coach last season, got him mentoring and counseling. They put a tremendous amount of time and effort into helping him, and Beasley just basically spat in their face.

It’s not surprising, though. Beasley is among the lowest character athletes Phoenix has ever had. He was a high risk when they signed him and the Suns and former GM Lance Blanks are certainly to blame for taking a chance on someone of such low character. They thought they could help him, and they were wrong.

Unfortunately for the Suns, the rules in the NBA make sure that Beasley will get paid the $9 million he has left on his contract. As I reported earlier, it will most likely be done as part off a waive-and-stretch scenario where he gets his $9 million spread out over five years.

Memo to the rest of the NBA: learn from the mistakes made by Miami, Minnesota and now Phoenix. Beasley is a druggy and he is a bad guy. He doesn’t care about anything but himself. He certainly doesn’t care about the community he is in or about the organization paying him. He doesn’t care about his teammates, the fans or the sponsors. He cares about his pot. His time in the NBA should be over.

It has to be over.