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Wasted: The Michael Beasley story

Let’s dig deeper. How does this happen? How can anyone be so worthless mentally?

Full disclosure — I liked the signing of Michael Beasley by the Phoenix Suns. I could explain myself, but why? I look stupid agreeing with the move no matter what I say. I could give you a longer recantation, but let’s move on.

Don’t tell me that we don’t understand how difficult things were for Beasley growing up. He grew up with Kevin Durant. Obviously things turned out well for KD, so it’s not environment. Beasley went to six different high schools. I’m going to guess there was a lack of accountability along the way. He smoked marijuana in Miami, Minnesota and Phoenix. You wouldn’t know it from his actions but he’s a father of two, obviously a not very good father of two.

At no point did his failure in Miami or Minnesota focus his passions. Every morning he woke up, looked in the mirror and liked what he saw. He saw no reason to change. Imagine having so little pride in your work that last night’s embarrassment against team “A” does nothing to drive you against team “B.” Does he ignore every friend who wants to help or does he truly have none? Is he hopeful his kids inherit his work ethic?

I certainly don’t feel sad for Michael Beasley. Every problem is completely self-inflicted. He was blessed with an amazing God-given talent that could have propelled him to great things. He chose to accomplish nothing with those gifts.

I have a hard time even getting my head around the level of failure represented by Michael Beasley. He’s only 24. Most people can’t cram this much ineptitude into an entire life and he’s been able to fail at the highest rate possible in less than a quarter century.

I’ll let others rip Beasley and the Suns after his release. They both deserve it, but I’m more in a Yellowstone National Park mode. I just find myself staring in amazement wondering how is this possible.

If I say the term “wasted,” how many meanings come to mind? Scary how all of them apply.