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ESPN Analyst: Skelton will be a starting QB one day

It wasn’t hard to see why head coach Ken Whisenhunt
benched QB John Skelton on Sunday.

The second year player threw for 99 yards, no touchdowns
and three interceptions, which earned him the third worst
QB rating in Cardinals history.

Though Skelton didn’t exactly have a dream day, ESPN
analyst Ron Jaworski sees a bright a future for the

“I’ve seen enough from John Skelton now that I believe
he’s got a big upside,” Jaworski said on Arizona Sports
620’s Burns and Gambo. “Normally the young quarterbacks
like this, it’s the mistakes that kill them, I’ve seen
enough good throws from John, I’ve seen enough audibles at
the line of scrimmage, I’ve seen enough of those little
things that growing quarterbacks have to learn. I do see a
quarterback that has a future in this league.”

Although, Jaworski believes Skelton has a future as a
“solid NFL quarterback,” he also thinks the performance
from Sunday was a step in the wrong direction.

“There’s no question John Skelton took a step back this
week, he looked a little bit confused,” Jaworski said.
“Bad decisions, bad read, bad throws; those things come to
the forefront against good football teams.”

Jaworski also commented on the future of the Cardinals
from the quarterback standpoint.

“I think it’s always a positive when you got a Kevin Kolb,
when you have a John Skelton and to have two quarterbacks
that for the most part you can count on,” Jaworski said.