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Peterson: ‘I just told him don’t kick it to me’

Patrick Peterson did it again.

The rookie from LSU returned a punt off of the foot of St.
Louis Rams
punter Donnie Jones 80 yards for a touchdown in the third
quarter of the
Cardinals’ 23-20 win on Sunday.

It was the 2nd time in the last four games that Peterson
returned a punt for
a score against the Rams. Just three weeks ago, he
returned one 99 yards
in overtime to clinch a Cardinals’ victory.

The Rams had to still be reeling from that, right? Surely
they wouldn’t let it
happen again.

In a postgame interview with Arizona Sports’ Paul Calvisi,
who is also the
sideline reporter for the Arizona Cardinals Radio Network,
Peterson says he
gave Jones fair warning before the game.

“I just told him ‘don’t kick it to me,'” Peterson said.
“And he said ‘we don’t
know what’s gonna happen, just wait until the game comes.’

“I was like ‘okay.'”

Peterson actually sounded somewhat shocked at how easy it
was. “Actually
when I saw the middle of the field just spread open like
the Red Sea, I
pretty much knew I was going to the end zone,” Peterson
responded when
Calvisi asked when he realized he was on his way to

Peterson became the fourth player in NFL history to have
four punt returns
for touchdowns in a single season, joining Devin Hester,
Rick Upchurch and
Jack Christiansen, and the first to have four of 80 yards
or more.

The scary thing is, the Cardinals still have five games
left, so there’s more
opportunity for more history.

“I’m going for six,” Peterson said.

Do you doubt him?