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Time off could help Kevin Kolb in final month

Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb announced that he expects
to start against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Sidelined the past four weeks with a turf toe injury, Kolb
returns to the playing field with expectations as high as

Arizona Sports 620’s Ron Wolfley said that he will be
watching the QB over the final month of the season.

“I cannot wait to see how Kolb comes back from that injury
and if that time off has helped him,” Wolfley said.

Arizona Sports 620’s Doug Franz said that the four games
off should give Kolb more insight into how the offense is
run and will hopefully lead to better play.

Wolfley said that Kolb’s play in the pocket should be
improved with better understanding of the offense.

“Let’s hope that it has settled him down a little bit and
calmed him down in the pocket,” Wolfley said.

Kolb’s performance in the final five games will dictate
how the Cardinals will enter to off-season and whether or
not they need to look for an insurance option for next