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Suns center Alex Len keeping close tabs on Ukraine, honors country with special message

Alex Len will be making his second career start Thursday against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and he’ll also be making a subtle statement in the process.

Len, a native of the Ukraine, has recently added a special message to his purple and orange gameday Nikes: #Pray For Ukraine.

The rookie center’s homeland has been rocked by massive protests in recent weeks, after Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s administration elected not to agree to European Union deal that would have potentially strengthen the country’s ties with Russia.

Yanukovych has since been kicked out of office, but the deadly protests and clashes will police continue.

When asked about the on-going turmoil in Ukraine, Len told’s Paul Coro the following:

“If you watch American news, they say one thing. If you watch Ukrainian news, they say another thing. In my home, I have a Russian channel and they say a totally different thing. It’s politics, so I don’t know what’s really going on. I pray for Ukraine. I want peace.”

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