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The Pulse: Most expect Suns to reach playoffs

Every day, asks readers a question. It’s the Sanderson Ford Poll Question of the Day, and it can be found midway down the right side of our home page.

On Wednesday, we wanted to know: Will either the Phoenix Suns or Phoenix Coyotes make the playoffs? Will both?

As their seasons wind down and playoff races heat up, which Arizona team will reach the postseason?

And after tallying 565 votes, there was real optimism for both.

While 32 percent of voters expected just the Suns to make the postseason, 194 fans (representing 34 percent) anticipated a berth for both the Coyotes and the Suns.

Only 19 percent outed themselves as the pessimists who expect neither team to make the playoffs while 15 percent (84) foresaw a berth for the Coyotes and not the Suns.

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