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Growing pains

The Phoenix Suns are a work in progress. They need this year to get to next year because you need to go through the valley to get to the peak. The loss to the Lakers will stand as a great reminder to these young Suns.

You could see this coming though, couldn’t you? The Suns had won 6 in a row, capped by their performance against the New York Knicks. Jeff Hornacek said that game may have been the best game of the season for his team.

So what did they do against the impotent LOS Angeles Lakers? They played one of their worst games of the year. Isn’t youth grand?

It happens. There doesn’t need to be a reason why they didn’t play well; and although there will be eight million theories as to why they got beat by the Lakers the truth is nobody knows.

They were playing a team that was, is and will be down and out for a while. They have had a propensity to sleep on teams that aren’t good and rally against teams that are.
They have a difficult schedule coming up, playing three Western Conference playoff teams in the coming week. The writing was on the wall when they scored 15 points in the first quarter. And it went downhill from there.

Hopefully, there will be another peak to climb when the playoffs begin. But in the grand scheme of things these are the losses that turn into wins when a young team matures.