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I thought we were done with this. I thought the Suns would be more focused because they could see the end game scenario before them and their effort would even out against varying degrees of competition. I was with Coach Hornacek, whom implied on the Doug & Wolf Show that he didn’t feel like we would see the up and down Suns on this road trip. I believed we would see the end of the Play to Their Competition Suns.

Wrong. This is who they have been, are and, apparently, will be in the future — until their leadership matures.

I don’t rip professional athletes for having bad games because I know it happens; I rip professional athletes for lack of effort and lack of preparedness. What we saw in New Orleans is what happens when you don’t respect your opponent and the nature of competition. And if you don’t respect the nature of competition — when there’s a capable man confronting you, trying to keep you from doing your job — you are doomed.

The Suns did not respect the Pelicans. It’s that simple.

They played a horrible first half and the start to the third-quarter (0-7 from the field) wasn’t much better. It was as bad as I’ve seen this team play. But we should have seen this coming. No Eric Gordon + no Anthony Davis = no intensity, no defense, no paint presence, no energy.

But they won. And this is what they’ve done all year. I doubt it’s going to change anytime soon. Let’s hope a Suns playoff berth doesn’t come down to beating Sacramento in game #82 of the season.