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Phoenix Suns the latest team to have more than two first-round draft picks

The Phoenix Suns have the 14th, 18th and 27th picks in the first round of Thursday’s NBA Draft, making them the 15th team in the last 20 years to have more than two picks in the first round.

Here’s a look back at the past 20 years of other teams that had three picks in the first round and who they chose:

2012 Houston Rockets

•12th pick – Jeremy Lamb

•16th pick – Royce White

•18th pick – Terrence Jones

2010 Memphis Grizzlies

•12th pick – Xavier Henry

•25th pick – Dominique Jones (traded to Dallas for cash)

•28th pick – Greivis Vasquez

2009 Minnesota Timberwolves

•5th pick – Ricky Rubio

•6th pick – Johnny Flynn

•18th pick – Ty Lawson (traded to Denver for a future conditional first rounder)

•28th pick – Wayne Ellington

2004 Boston Celtics

•15th pick – Al Jefferson

•24th pick – Delonte West

•25th pick – Tony Allen

2004 Utah Jazz

•14th pick – Chris Humphries

•16th pick – Kirk Snyder

•21st pick – Pavel Podkolzin (traded to Dallas for future first-round pick)

2001 Boston Celtics

•10th pick – Joe Johnson

•11th pick – Kedrick Brown

•21st pick – Joseph Forte

2001 Houston Rockets

•13th pick – Richard Jefferson (traded to New Jersey for the 7th pick Eddie Griffin)

•18th pick – Jason Collins (traded to New Jersey for the 7th pick Eddie Griffin)

•23rd pick – Brandon Armstrong (traded to New Jersey for the 7th pick Eddie Griffin)

2000 Chicago Bulls

•4th pick – Marcus Fizer

•7th pick – Chris Mihm (Traded to Cleveland for Jamal Crawford and cash)

•24th pick – Dalibor Bagaric

2000 Orlando Magic

•5th pick – Mike Miller

•10th pick – Keyon Dooling ( traded to Los Angeles Clippers with Corey Maggette, Derek Strong and cash for future first-round pick)

•13th pick – Courtney Alexander (traded to Dallas for a future first-round pick and cash)

1999 Atlanta Hawks

•10th pick – Jason Terry

•17th pick – Cal Bowdler

•20th pick – Dion Glover

•27th pick – Jumaine Jones (traded to Philadelphia for a future lottery-protected first-round pick)

1999 Utah Jazz

•19th pick – Quincy Lewis

•24th pick – Andrei Kirilenko

•28th pick – Scott Padgett

1998 Houston Rockets

•14th pick – Michael Dickerson

•16th pick – Bryce Drew

•18th pick – Mirsad Turkcan

1998 Orlando Magic

•12th pick – Michael Doleac

•13th pick – Keon Clark

•15th pick – Matt Harping

1996 New York Knicks

•18th pick – John Wallace

•19th pick – Walter McCarty

•21st pick – Dontae Jones

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