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Five reasons why D-backs should NOT consider move to AL

Let’s be clear: Paulie Patriot is not Un-American. That is, unless we’re talking about the American League. Actually, to be crystal clear, we’re not Un-American unless we’re talking about the Arizona Diamondbacks moving to the American League.

As soon as we saw MLB floating that trial balloon into the marketplace, we started flying a Sedona Red flag with the words “Don’t Tread On Me” under the image of a coiled up Diamondback snake.

In a sense, this Paulie Blog qualifies as Paulie Pine Tar talking directly to my esteemed co-host on Sports Interactive (Sports 620 KTAR/noon-2pm). Like fans at the NFL Draft unloaded on Roger Goodell, I’m booing the Commish here on his own web site.

See, Dave Burns penned “five reasons the D-backs could/should be a candidate” for a move to the American League.

So, in response, Paulie Counterpoint now offers the following five reasons that the D-backs could/should NOT be a candidate for realignment