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We’re going streaking! Cards’ 4-game streak a rarity

A four-game winning streak in the NFL doesn’t seem like a
big deal, but when you consider that four games is one-
quarter of a team’s regular season, it definitely is a
distinct accomplishment.

For the Arizona Cardinals, that distinct accomplishment
has been a very rare one.

Ken Whisenhunt’s team won their fourth straight by beating
the Cleveland Browns 20-17 in overtime at University of
Phoenix Stadium on Sunday.

“We haven’t won four games in a row since I’ve been here,
so that is a pretty significant deal, not only for our
coaches but for our players as well,” Whisenhunt said
during Sunday’s postgame media session.

While his statement isn’t entirely true, it’s pretty darn

This is the Cardinals’ first four-game winning streak
under Whisenhunt in the regular season. During the 2008
march to Super Bowl XLIII, the Cardinals won their regular
season finale against Seattle before reeling off
postseason wins against Atlanta, Carolina and

But this is only the third four-game streak in the regular
season since 1988. The Phoenix Cardinals ran off four
straight wins in ’88 from Week 3 to Week 6, and the 1999
Cards won four straight in between weeks 10 and 13.

The 1998 Cardinals also had a 4-game stretch into the
postseason. After regular season triumphs against
Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Diego, the Cardinals
shocked Dallas in an NFC Wild Card game.

As the Cardinals begin preparations for their trip to
Cincinnati to play the Bengals on Saturday, remember this:
they’ve never had a 5-game winning streak as the
Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals.

The last 5-game streak in franchise history was all the
way back in 1977, when Don Coryell’s team reeled off 6 in
a row.

That team, by the way finished only 7-7.

To put things in perspective, and maybe to paint a picture
of the Cardinals’ history, in the same time frame, the
Pittsburgh Steelers have had 22 winning streaks of at
least four games.

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