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Cardinals ‘one-game-at-a-time’ approach working

As sports fans, we’ve all heard the phrase “one game at a
time” before. It’s a staple in sports, a go-to line for
coaches and athletes. But head coach Ken Whisenhunt says
this Arizona Cardinals team had to focus on “one game at a
time” when they were sitting at 1-6 — otherwise it
would’ve been too overwhelming.

“I think we’ve got enough good players, veteran players,
leaders that understood what we had to do. It’s hard. I
understand that,” Whisenhunt said on Monday. “And I am
sure that some of our players were a little bit down but
we never focused on anything but one week at a time.”

After losing six straight the Cardinals have now won four
in a row and sit at .500. That’s a mark that seemed
unattainable just weeks ago, at least to the media, but
not to Coach Whisenhunt.

“Did I seem like I was surprised when we were 1-6? I felt
like we were close. I felt like our guys were working hard
and it would eventually turn. I really believe in how we
do it and how we prepare. We’ve had success with it so I
felt like it was going to turn around for us.”

The Cardinals have never had a 5-game winning streak as
the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals. The last 5-game winning
streak in franchise history came in 1977.

“I think that it’s a tribute to our guys if we can do it.
Five in a row? I was in Pittsburgh for a number of years
and we were pretty good and there weren’t a lot of years
where we won five in a row. I think it’s more important
that we stay focused on just one at a time.

“I am aware of the fact that we have a chance to win five
and that’s pretty good but it’s really more about just
trying to get this game.”

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