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Buzzer-beaters, poor shooting sinking Phoenix Suns

PHOENIX — How much can one team endure?

The 2014-15 Phoenix Suns have endured a lot in this season’s 53 games — especially at the end of those games.

They have not been kind to the Suns. Neither has the rim, for that matter. Or the backboard.

It began with Blake Griffin of the Clippers and Khris Middleton of the Bucks hitting awkward-looking 3-pointers a week apart in December. Then, the Rockets’ James Harden rattled home a 20-foot jumper in January.

And on Sunday, DeMarcus Cousins’ off-balance 19-footer hit off the back of the rim, grazed the backboard and bounced four times around the basket before falling to give the Kings their second win in three tries against the Suns this season.

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