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Whisenhunt: Wells sat Sunday in preparation for future

Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells was able to
battle through a right-knee injury and gain 1,047 yards
this season, but Coach Ken Whisenhunt decided to sit him
out the last game of the season on Sunday.

However, the coach said Wells got a lot out of his 2011

“It’s a good tribute to Beanie; it was something he needed
to do for himself and also for a lot of people who
questioned his toughness,” Whisenhunt said. “And I want to
make sure that [Sunday] people understand that was no
reflection on Beanie. That was purely my decision. He
wanted to play.”

Wells was inactive against the Seattle Seahawks (7-9)
after close surveillance during practice, with Whisenhunt
deciding the best option was to take care of the knee.

“I know it was tough for him not to play for what he did
through this year,” Whisenhunt said.

Wells had his best season as a pro despite only playing in
14 games.

Whisenhunt said the doctors will discuss with Wells the
best method to heal his leg, whether it be with surgery or
rehab, but the coaching staff will make sure he is in full
health to play next season.

“I know the next time that we get Beanie on the football
field, he’ll be a heck of a lot more healthy than he was
[Sunday] and even the last five or six games,” Whisenhunt