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Peyton Manning to Arizona a rumor, but could be more

If you’re anything like us, the idea of Peyton Manning in
an Arizona Cardinals uniform is as great as it is far-

After all, if Manning is healthy and if the
Colts decide to cut him, he would only come to the desert
if he wants to and, even then, only if the
team decides it doesn’t want to continue with Kevin Kolb.

In other words, plenty has to happen between now and the
production of No. 18 Manning jerseys in Cardinal Red.

However, anyone who thinks CBS NFL analyst Charley
Casserly brought up the idea for pretty much no
reason doesn’t know Casserly, according to ESPN’s Ron

“Charley Casserly is one of the most respected guys in the
National Football League,” Jaworski told Arizona Sports
620’s Burns and Gambo. “He’s not a blogger out there
pulling things out of the air and trying to get people’s

“Charley thinks everything out; he is well-connected to
every single person in the National Football League.”

So at the very least, Cardinals fans can move along under
the impression that Casserly didn’t connect one of the
best QBs in the NFL to the Cardinals for no reason other
than shock value.

“He doesn’t say things unless he has sources that give him
good information,” Jaworski added. “When he comes out with
a story there’s some validity to it.”

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