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Warner: Cardinals would have to adjust to Peyton Manning

A healthy Peyton Manning is better than any quarterback
currently on the Arizona Cardinals’ roster.

Manning, who continues to be
linked to Arizona
should the Colts release him, would
bring 54,828 yards passing, 399 touchdowns, a Super Bowl
ring and a laser, rocket arm with him to the desert.

According to former Cards QB and current NFL Network
Analyst Kurt Warner, though, that’s not all he’d come

“One of the hardest things to do, for a quarterback, is to
leave a system that you’ve been ingrained in your whole
career and go to a different place,” Warner told Arizona
Sports 620’s Burns and Gambo Monday. “I think we all like
to say, ‘well, we’ll just bring Peyton in and then we’ll
change everything and let him run his offense.’

“Well, it doesn’t normally work that way, especially when
you’re talking about a whole coaching staff that they’re
not familiar with what Peyton likes to do.”

Warner said it’s important for a quarterback to find a
system that he can work in, so just because a guy like
Manning could be available doesn’t mean he’s a good fit
for the Cardinals.

Arizona may have gotten a first-hand look at this kind of
issue with Kevin Kolb last season, as he struggled to
transition from Philadelphia’s West-Coast scheme to