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NFL great doesn’t want Peyton Manning in Arizona

Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, to many of us yes, yes it does. But for former NFL
QB and current NFL analyst Joe Theismann, that’s not
exactly the case.

“If he can go out and play, let him be an Indianapolis
Colt,” Theismann told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf

Theismann said the issue with Manning going somewhere else
is that the new team is not “getting a quarterback,” but
instead getting a player who spent 14 years in a system
and is the offensive coordinator.

“In his 15th year of football, what sense does it make
going to a team for a couple of years, especially with
very little around him,” he asked.

That the Cardinals would have very little to surround
Manning with is up for debate, but Theismann is right when
he says it is not as simple as just adding a new QB and
watching him throw darts all over the field. NFL offenses
are complex, and it takes time for a player to fully grasp
his responsibilities.

“It would be a bad move for Arizona to take him,”
Theismann said, adding that it would be a bad idea for
Manning to leave Indianapolis for any other team,
Cardinals or not.

“The only move he should make out of Indianapolis is to a
couch,” he said.