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No surprise: Cardinals tackles struggled in pass protection

If you watched the Arizona Cardinals last season you know
they struggled to protect the quarterback.

Whether it was Kevin Kolb or John Skelton, it seemed like
there was pressure on nearly every pass play.

Well, according to, Arizona’s trio of
Levi Brown, Jeremy Bridges and Brandon Keith deserve a
good share of the blame.

The site ranked pass blocking efficiency for all of the
NFL’s tackles, and all three ranked in the bottom 20.

Keith was the worst of the bunch, allowing pressure on 31
of 321 pass block snaps. Brown allowed 56 pressures on 620
snaps, and Bridges 26 on 319.

In other words, if a Cardinals QB was under duress,
chances are you could point to the tackles as the reason.

That’s why it will be interesting to see what the
Cardinals do this off-season, as Keith is a free agent and
Brown is likely to become one.

Will either be brought back? How about both? Either way
something has to change, as the Cardinals passing game
will never be able to take flight as long as their tackles
remain some of the worst pass blockers in the NFL.