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T.O. open to landing in Cardinals’ nest

After winning MVP at the Jack In The Box Celebrity Shootout at U.S.
Airways Center over the weekend, you’d think that Terrell Owens
wanted to prove something to Arizonans — like he’s a quality
athlete that is still quick, fast and can handle a ball.

Yes, Owens is still looking to get back into the National Football
League after not playing in 2011. Owens suffered a torn ACL
following the 2010 season and underwent surgery last April. The
NFL’s 6th-leading all-time receiver declared himself fit to play, yet
had no takers — in the big time, that is.

Friday, after attending the Suns’ win over the Clippers, T.O. spoke
about his new career with the Allen (TX) Wranglers in the IFL. “It’s
a shorter field. Everything’s quicker, faster, so it’s only going to
make me better.

“It’s interesting, it’s a little different, but at the end of the day, like I
been telling people, it’s still football.”

Since he’s still playing football, his stint in the IFL might prepare
Owens to return to the league as a number two receiver. But would
he ever think of himself as a number two and come to the

“Of course, I mean the last couple teams I’ve been on I’ve went in as
number two,” Owens said. “I would definitely love to play with Larry
(Fitzgerald), if that’s a possibility.”

Stepping out of the limelight for Fitzgerald would be a big change
for Owens, who has been the big name receiver on his previous
teams. “Larry and I are good friends, so I’m sure I could coexist and
try and make some things happen.”

In the end, whether Owens lands with the Cardinals, another
franchise or stays in the IFL, there’s one thing he misses most
about the NFL.

“Fifty more yards,” he said.