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Exactly what did Glendale do to the sports gods?

An investigation needs to be launched. Not into improprieties with the
Fiesta Bowl, bonds with the Phoenix Coyotes or labor disputes with the
Arizona Cardinals. No, an investigation needs to be launched into whether
or not Westgate was built on some sort of Indian burial ground.

For some reason the city of Glendale and Westgate have angered the sports
gods and they are now paying the price.

This fall there is a chance that the area loses its anchor tenant, the
Coyotes, due to crazy political wrangling to a city that couldn’t keep them
in the first place. The Cards may not ever set foot on the field at University
of Phoenix Stadium because of the NFL’s inability to split $8 billion and
thanks to $1,200 strip club visits and $30,000 birthday parties the BCS
may bolt to the open, and recently botoxed, arms of Jerry Jones and the
Cotton Bowl.

There is no logical explanation as to why all of this is happening in one
place (unless that one place is Cleveland and somehow it completely makes
sense). In a sports world where curses are handed out because of goats,
pianos and coin flips, isn’t it time we figure out exactly what cursed

Maybe it was developer Steve Ellman who owned the Coyotes and flipped
them for the right to build the mixed-use complex. How about the city of
Scottsdale for rejecting the plan to build the facility at the site of the old
Los Arcos Mall? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s something more supernatural
than that.

Whatever the reason, there are livelihoods at stake, and not the ones of
millionaire athletes and owners. There are regular people waiting tables,
working concession stands and running retail shops that depend on all of
these teams and events. For their sake it’s time to figure out what the
problem is.

Even if we need to make some sacrifice, like the political aspirations of the
Goldwater Institute, to the sports gods to rectify it.