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ESPN’s Caplan: Vikings want ‘more compensation’ for Peterson

As if the odds weren’t already stacked in the Arizona Cardinals favor when it comes to working out a deal for star-crossed Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan further doused the trade flames over the weekend, saying the Vikings will likely require considerable assets for any deal involving the six-time All-Pro.

“I don’t think [the Vikings] want to trade [Peterson]. They think they’re so much better with him,” said Caplan.

“However, the thought around the league is this, if they were to trade him, or strongly consider it, it would take at least a first round pick and more compensation.”

The more compensation? According to Caplan, the Vikings would likely demand a starting cornerback — a position the Vikings have identified as their biggest offseason need — in addition to the first round selection.

Parting with the 24th overall pick seems like a small penance for the Cards to pay to acquire Peterson, but adding a player of Patrick Peterson’s caliber to a potential deal figures to be too rich a proposition.

So when might the Peterson saga come to an end?

If Caplan is to be believed, speculation and fantasy trade proposals could be allowed to linger into the summer.

“The only way [the Vikings] will know if [Peterson] is absolutely serious about it is if he withholds services,” said Caplan. “That means if he doesn’t show up to the mandatory camp in June, that would be the first time when you know he would be serious.

“His $250,000 workout bonus is tied to the mandatory camp, showing up to offseason workouts. That’s one thing. But the $12.7 million [owed to him this season per his contract], that means something to him.”

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