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Warner ‘a little surprised’ Cardinals brought Levi Brown back

When the Cardinals released Levi Brown on March 13, many
fans were pleased.

After all, the former No. 5 pick in the 2007 draft has
a disappointment in the NFL, always known as the guy
chose instead of Adrian Peterson.

However, the team re-signed the tackle just a few days
later, with many of those same fans asking one, simple


Former Cardinal, now NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner, who
played with Brown, wondered the same thing.

“I was a little surprised,” Warner told Arizona Sports
620’s Burns and Gambo.

Warner, who played with Brown from 2007-2010, said it may
be a case where a coaching staff is comfortable with a
player and still has hope he can improve.

“The one thing that you notice is that as guys continue to
grow and as guys watch them as coaches, they may see some
things that are improvement,” he said. “From what I heard,
they were really happy with the way he played the second
half of last year.”

That seems to fit with what others have thought, that
Brown really stepped up his
in the team’s final eight games.

Plus, Warner added, the Cardinals could have determined
they were not going to find anyone better than Brown, so
it just made sense to keep him.

“A guy that you’re familiar with, a guy that’s been in
your system, a guy that you think is improving,” he said.