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Question and Declare: Current thoughts on the Suns?

Here’s your weekly question and declare. Follow me on twitter (@doug620) to be included. Every week I’ll tweet out a question on which I have an opinion. I’ll give you mine and read yours. This week’s question is for the Suns: what are your thoughts on the Suns, has your opinion changed in the first three weeks?

The Suns are winning more games than they were expected to. I don’t understand why people want the Suns to tank the season for a better draft pick. I say it’s a huge mistake to try to lose games. You create a culture of losing. Players will quickly realize that the coaching staff won’t hold them accountable. Players will worry only about their own stats and not about the team. You waste valuable development time. I want every coach and player to do everything they can to win.

That’s completely different than the job of the GM. If a GM is doing everything he can to lose, fire him. If a GM is doing whatever he can to accumulate draft picks, that’s not tanking. If a GM is trading players that prove to be over-valued by other teams, you must trade him and you must receive draft picks. That’s not tanking, that’s investing.