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Question and Declare: Why are the Phoenix Suns on a losing streak?

Great response to this week’s Question and Declare. I pulled four responses for my video answer but I had plenty more to choose from.

Either Suns fans are lying to themselves and the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train, or Phoenix has the most reasonable and understanding fans in the NBA.

Well over 90 percent of the tweets I received said the Suns are just in a mini-slump. Very few people are looking at the last two games as anything to be alarmed.

I am alarmed but for a different reason than just the losses. This is a team that beats opponents on energy and chemistry. I completely understand the energy for these two games and maybe everything will be fine. It’s the chemistry that concerns me. If things are starting to go in the tank because a young team is worried about trade rumors, there are issues.

The trade deadline isn’t for another two weeks. The Western Conference is too tough for a young team to be in the tank that long.