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D-backs’ bullpen catcher will eat anything, literally.

It’s no secret that the sport of baseball and those that play or coach it have some very, very odd superstitions and habits. We just didn’t realize things could get this odd.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Arizona Diamondbacks’ bullpen catcher Jeff Motuzas, who’s been with the team since it’s inception in 1998, possibly does some of the weirdest things you’ll hear about in a Major League ballpark.

See, Motuzas must have been the kid who always picked the dare when playing the childhood game truth or dare. That’s because he doesn’t shy away from a challenge even as a 39-year-old man. Especially when said challenge involves money.

Pitcher Livan Hernandez became something of a sadistic benefactor when he arrived in Arizona in 2006. Motuzas said Hernandez once paid him $3,000 to drink a gallon of milk in 12 minutes. The two also hammered out a deal that permitted Hernandez to punch Motuzas in the groin for $50 a pop whenever he felt the urge. Motuzas would receive a $300 bonus after every 10th punch.

Uh, OK.

While taking hits to the groin and drinking gallons of milk is impressive, it’s far from the craziest thing Motuzas has done on the job. He has eaten players boogers and used chewing gum along with two large moths and six habanero peppers on dares throughout his career with the team.

The stories are somewhat disturbing — yet extremely entertaining — and lead us to believe two things. First that Motuzas is fearless and second that the Arizona Diamondbacks really should pay him more so he doesn’t have to do these feats of intestinal strength on a regular basis.

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