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Bieber wants to make Upton brothers All-Stars

Like most good baseball fans we here at fill out our MLB All-Star ballots based on the advice of celebrities. That’s why we were more than pleasantly surprised when one of the world’s biggest celebrities threw his support behind one of our home town Arizona Diamondbacks.

That celebrity? None other than star of music and screen Justin Bieber.

shoutout to my boys @bjupton2 and @realjustinupton – make sure to vote for them as starters in the MLB Allstar game – than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

It’s impressive that in between making teenyboppers faint and buying thousands of purple hoodies the Biebs found time to tell his 9.7 million followers to support the Uptons.

It’s not just Bieber supporting the baseball brothers though. Both Justin and B.J. shared their support for the young musician, saying they were on their way to pick up his new DVD.

I got mine today too! ! LOL Bieber Fever RT @bjupton2: Gonna pick up Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never DVD on the way home than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

We’ll ‘never say never’, but after seeing Justin Upton bat .196 so far in May it will probably take one monumental effort over the next month and a half for him to find his way to the All-Star game at Chase Field come July 12.

That is, unless the legion of Beliebers — that’s what our fan club membership card says we’re called — stuff the ballot box. After seeing the box office totals for his movie ($73 million), we wouldn’t put it past them. They’ll pretty much do anything.