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Former D-back manager Bob Brenly wants automated strike zone

In the past couple of years Major League Baseball has implemented the use of technology and tried to make their game better with the use of instant replay.

There is always going to be talk and conversation of if they should expand the use of replay and by how much.

We have now reached the point to where former Arizona Diamondbacks manager Bob Brenly is ready to take the use of technology to another level.

While on the Doug & Wolf show on Sports 620 KTAR Friday morning Brenly went off about how terrible he feels the strike zone has been called by umpires this season.

“Baseball would be a much better game if they would stop worrying about these incidental plays that happen once every couple of years and do something about the damn strike zone,” Brenly said in reference to being asked about if rules will change because of the Giants’ Buster Posey being injured on Wednesday night in a collision at the plate. “The ball-strike umpiring this year in Major League Baseball is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.”

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