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Cardinals owner ranked 24th in NFL

Bill Bidwill has a reputation as one of the NFL’s worst
owners, with much of it deserved because his teams have
perennially been at or near the bottom of the standings.

Things have changed around the organization ever since
Michael Bidwill took over, with impressive results to show
for it.

However, that wasn’t enough for The Big Lead to
give the Cardinals ownership much credit.

In a piece ranking the NFL’s bosses, the Cardinals came in
24th, ahead of only Miami’s Stephen Ross, Washington’s
Daniel Snyder, Detroit’s William Clay Ford, Kansas City’s
Clark Hunt, Cincinnati’s Mike Brown and Cleveland’s Randy

Bidwell’s standing has improved in recent years with the
opening of the University of Phoenix Stadium and the
Cardinals’ competitive stretch with Kurt Warner at
quarterback. He still ranks lowest on this list among
owners who have had a team reach the Super Bowl because of
all the bad years before, and he’s been the one in charge
for a while. (40 seasons, 41.0% win percentage, 1 Super
Bowl Appearance, 13% of seasons in Final Eight).

The misspelling of Bidwill’s name notwithstanding, it’s
interesting that while the site mentions how things have
changed for the Cardinals, it’s still not enough to really
help the rankings.

Of course, it’s just one guy’s rankings, and at the end of
the day the fact that the Cardinals ownership situation
has obviously improved over the last few years is reason
enough for optimism going forward.

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