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All eyes on quarterbacks as Cardinals begin OTAs

You can expect to hear a lot about the battle between
Kolb and John Skelton over the next few months.

Both quarterbacks have started for the Cardinals. Both
quarterbacks have won games for the Cardinals. Both
quarterbacks have potential.

Neither quarterback is a proven commodity.

Day 1 of OTAs is certainly no time to make judgments on
the pecking order or where guys stand in the eyes of the
coaching staff, but it is worth noting Kolb worked out
with the first team Tuesday afternoon.

And given that this is Kolb’s first full offseason with
the team, he’s doing the best he can to learn as much as
he can.

“The biggest thing is, that most people don’t realize,
it’s like a slow soaking process right now,” he said.
“Maybe we’re installing four-five plays today, four-five

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