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Floyd and Fitzgerald are already in sync for Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald said he could not deny nor confirm
allegations that rookie wideout Michael Floyd is staying
with him these days.

“He’s taken care of, from what I hear,” was all the Pro
Bowler would say about how he may be helping Floyd off the
field, but things are certainly different on it.

Floyd, you may recall, is the guy Fitzgerald wanted the
Cardinals to draft, even with the team having possibly
greater needs at other positions.

“I remember 1998, when I was a ballboy for the Vikings and
they had Jake Reed, who’s a 1,000-yard receiver, and they
had Cris Carter and Robert Smith, guys who are Pro
Bowlers,” Fitz continued. “And they drafted Randy Moss,
and he was the difference the league had never seen

“You get a talented player on the offensive side of the
ball that can produce, like he was able to do for four
years at Notre Dame, it’s going to be a tremendous asset
for our ballclub.”

There you go, Floyd. You’re supposed to be Arizona’s Randy
Moss. He caught 69 passes for 1,313 yards and 17
touchdowns as a rookie, so at least you know where the
expectations are.

Yeah, about that…

Fitzgerald said the hope is Floyd picks things up quickly
and can help the team right out of the gate, with minimal
growing pains usually associated with rookies. That’s
where Fitz comes in.

“He gives me tips and advice on anything,” Floyd said of
his mentor. “When I’m on the field, that’s what he gives
me. When I make a mistake he’s there to tell me and show
me how to correct it.”

Floyd said Fitzgerald is not the only veteran who has
helped him out, and that having experienced players around
has been very beneficial. After all, the last time he was
on the field the only players around were fellow rookies,
so there was not a lot of, umm, wisdom to be shared.

“They see it totally different,” he said of the veterans.

The Cardinals took Floyd at No. 13 overall because they
think he can provide a boost to an offense that has had
its struggles of late and, while receivers rarely have big
years as rookies, he will be expected to contribute in his
first season but making plays and taking some pressure off

Which, it turns out, he did when questioned about his
current living arrangement.

“All rookies stay in a hotel, that’s what we do,” he said
with a smile, before being asked about the pool at the
Fitzgerald abode, which he said is nice. “I’ve seen it on
the internet, and he invited me over for a barbecue once.

“It’s pretty nice.”

Nice job, rook.

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