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Skelton and Kolb battle on the field, are friends off it

John Skelton knows his competition with Kevin Kolb leads
to an interesting dynamic.

Sure, he wants the starting QB job, but part of his
audition for the role involves trying to help Kolb, too.

Where else does a job applicant do his best to help his

“You might be training your replacement in another job,
but here you’re feeding back and forth off of each other,
you’re bouncing ideas off of each other,” Skelton told
Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Thursday. “You take
something from the meeting room that maybe you missed and
the other guy got and he’ll help you out on the field.”

So, as it turns out, while Skelton and Kolb are competing
for the same job, there’s really no rivalry. They’re both
Cardinals and they’re both…friends.

“We go golfing on Tuesdays, we go out afterwards and have
some wings and stuff,” Skelton said. “We just have a great
dynamic in our quarterback room with all four guys that
are there now.”

The other QBs Skelton is referencing are veteran Richard
Bartel and rookie Ryan Lindley, neither of whom figure to
go anywhere near the starting job this season.

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