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Now retired, Randy Johnson can enjoy accomplishments

To say Randy Johnson was intense as a player would be an understatement.

Never one to talk before games, the man known as “The Big Unit” was as intimidating as he was effective.

Now retired, Johnson said he can finally appreciate what he did as a Major Leaguer.

“I actually look back and enjoy those moments,” he told Arizona Sports 620’s Burns and Gambo.

However, Johnson said he could not do that while still playing.

“I think that kind of maybe came off the wrong way,” he said. “More people wanted to talk about those kind of accomplishments and I felt, and it was just my perspective and the way I went about my business, I didn’t really want to get too wrapped up in what I was achieving because then I would start believing what I was doing and I’d start losing my concentration and it would become a distraction.”