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Arizona rolls into San Francisco series

The weekend series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants features two teams heading in opposite directions.

The Arizona Diamondbacks head to San Francisco riding a nine-game winning streak.

The Giants’ past nine games were at home, against the San Diego Padres, Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs, and they put up a weak 4-5 record.

You cannot afford to play sub-.500 baseball against last place teams if you are trying to make the playoffs.

The Diamondbacks are not only beating the teams they are supposed to, they are making it look easy.

While everyone is labeling this series as a do or die situation for the defending world champions, the Diamondbacks seem to be enjoying the moment.

“No matter if we were six games up or two games down, just to be in the race is exciting.” Chris Young told reporters after Wednesday night’s 4-2 victory over the Rockies.

If the Diamondbacks keep winning there won’t be a race for Young and his teammates to be excited about.

The Diamondbacks aren’t getting ahead of themselves however.

“You never go into a series thinking that somebody is just going to lay down,” said Young.

That is the right mentality to have but, let’s face it, the Giants are not playing good enough baseball to win a division.

If the Giants were going to make a run for first place they needed to take advantage of playing nine games against teams like the Padres, Astros and Cubs and win all of them.

Just like the Diamondbacks.

Instead, the Giants find themselves looking ahead to the next series hoping that things will come together before it is too late.

Somebody should tell the Giants it’s already September.

The Diamondbacks control their own destiny and need to start looking at the teams ahead of them like Milwaukee and Philadelphia and not the team fading fast behind them.