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Kirk Gibson will let Kennedy’s play speak for itself

Once again Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson was asked about starter Ian Kennedy winning the Cy Young, and once again Gibson reiterated that he will not politic for his players.

It’s not that Gibson doesn’t have their back; he’s loyal — probably to a fault — but he knows that their play will speak for itself.

“When people call me and ask me…trust me…I give my opinion on it,” the manager said. “But I am not going to do it through the media. Believe me, I respect my players as much as anybody in this game. Those are fightin’ words if you said I didn’t. They know that. If we become World Series Champions, I don’t think they’ll care if they win a Cy Young.”

Gibson went on to say that he likes Kennedy flying under the radar, even with 19 wins on the season and an ERA under 3.00.

“Is there anybody in the world that doesn’t know how I feel about my players,” he asked. “You earn your credit. That’s my platform, my stance on it. People are just surprised by him. That’s perfect. You have people who do comment, push, politic…that’s just not the way I go about it.”

Kennedy struck out a season-high 11 Thursday night in his 19th win of the season and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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