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Gibson goes Sheen route when talking Kennedy and Hudson

Kirk Gibson Saturday stopped short of quoting Charlie Sheen directly but the sentiment was the same: it’s all about “WINNING”.

“I don’t think there is any more important stat—period, than wins,” said Gibson. “That’s what we’re here for. If you win you’ve accomplished your task.”

Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling certainly did their part winning games. In fact, the two combined to win 43 during the Diamondbacks World Series championship run in 2001. And with those two returning this weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of that squad Gibson was asked if he had seen a better duo since he’s been in the game. “Not that dominant,” answered Gibson. “With just the pure stuff too.”

Then, without prompting, Gibson brought up this year’s Cy Young Award race and in a subtle, roundabout way campaigned for two of his own guys: Ian Kennedy, winner of 19 games and Daniel Hudson, winner of 16 games.

“Our 1-2 guys are pretty damn good.” Then after pausing, “But don’t tell anybody. No, I mean seriously. It’s great; just keep talking about those other guys, just let our guys just relax and pitch.”

Kennedy and Hudson’s 35 combined wins are the most in the National League and one short of the Major League mark, trailing the Tigers’ 36 wins between Justin Verlander (22) and former D’back Max Scherzer (14).