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Should the D-backs want the Phillies in the first round?

PHOENIX – The Arizona Diamondbacks pretty much have the NL West division locked up and heading for the playoffs.

Now the attention has turned to whether or not Arizona can finish with a better record than the Brewers which would mean the D-backs wouldn’t have to face the vaunted Philadelphia Phillies in the first round of the playoffs.

However, it might work out better for Arizona to face Philadelphia in the first round.

Look, no doubt the Phillies’ team with their starting rotation of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels will be the toughest team for anybody to defeat in the National League, but that’s why it would be better for the D-backs to play them in the first round.

If the Phillies are the best team, do you think Arizona has a better chance of beating them three out of five times or four out of seven games?

Over a longer period of time, the better team will usually rise to the top and Arizona would have a better chance to knock them off if they have to defeat them the fewest amount of times.

Sure, Milwaukee could upset the Phillies in the first round and Arizona would never have to play them, but how many people really see that happening.

It may not matter as the D-backs may end up with the second seed in the National League and draw the more favorable match-up in the Atlanta Braves in the first round, but most likely the Phillies will still be waiting for them in the second round.

I would rather see the D-backs face the Phillies right off the bat when Arizona can have their rotation set up how they want it against what would be their greatest challenge.