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Rob Housler hopes to make bigger impact in 2012

Rookies all across the NFL have gotten their first
taste of offseason action through OTAs in the month of
May. For second-year players like Arizona Cardinals tight
end Rob Housler, it’s a first time learning experience as

Because teams were kept from almost all of their preseason
workouts and camps going into 2011 due to the
lockout, Housler was without the benefit of a real
training camp until now.

“I really wish I would have had this this time last year,
but I have it in front of me now, so I’m trying to take
advantage of it,” Housler told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug
and Wolf on Thursday.

Housler finished 2011 with 12 catches for 133 yards, but
saw limited playing time behind Todd Heap and Jeff King.

Housler admits he didn’t realize how much of a toll the
NFL season would have on him, and that he hit the ‘rookie
wall’ about halfway through the season.

“It’s extremely demanding on your body, it’s really hard
to put that into words to any rookie,” Housler said. “It’s
one thing you just have to experience. You have to know
how to pace yourself, keep your body healthy and eat,
sleep and just live right.”

Housler is looking to veterans on the team for lessons,
and hopes to make a bigger impact on the 2012 season.

“I’m feeling really good and I’m excited to get training
camp started and get more experience before the season
Housler said. “I wasn’t even a blip on the radar last
year, and that’s not the kind of player I feel like I am.
That’s not the kind of player I want to be, I want to be
an impact player. I want to go in and make a big