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Kirk Gibson: ‘Who says we’re the underdog?’

None of the so-called experts picked the Diamondbacks to makes the playoffs this season. And now that they’ve crashed the party, none of them are picking the NL West champions to win the World Series.

The favorites are considered to be the Phillies, Tigers and Yankees. So that would make the D-backs the underdogs, right?

“Who says we’re the underdog?” manager Kirk Gibson asked out loud Wednesday. “I don’t think we feel we are. That’s the most important thing.

“Nobody knows who’s going to win — I don’t care. St. Louis won in 2006. They won 83 games. Anybody pick them? So you don’t know. But what you do know is you’ve got a chance.

“I can just tell you personally it doesn’t matter to me,” Gibson added about being labeled an ‘underdog’. “It’s a good position to be in” versus not making the post-season at all.