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Diamondbacks look in the mirror, see the Brewers

Diamondbacks, meet the Brewers. Brewers, the Diamondbacks.

The teams begin their NL Divisional round series Saturday
and, when they do, will see themselves when looking across
the diamond.

The host Brewers won 96 games this year, the Diamondbacks
94. Arizona took the season series 4-3, and the teams
battled until the season’s final day to determine which
team would have home-field advantage in the series.

Yes, they’re similar.

“They have a lot of power,” D-backs pitcher and Game 1
starter Ian Kennedy said. “Their lineup is very similar.
Both teams are very similar in numbers, it’s kind of eery
how close in everything we stack up against.

“Pitching ERA, home runs, home records…I think it’s
going to be a fun series.”

Fun seemed to be a key word, as Chris Young echoed
Kennedy’s sentiments.

“They’re an exciting ballclub as well,” he said. “They
have a mixture of good pitching and exciting offense, just
like I feel like we do, so it should be fun.”

Both players are right because, if nothing else, this is
Arizona’s first trip to the postseason since 2007, as well
as the culmination of a season for baseball’s most
surprising team.

Which is why, of course, they’re excited to get started.

“Now that it’s here I think the guys are pretty excited,”
Justin Upton said.

Arizona Sports’ Craig Grialou contributed to this