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Brewers at home are threat to Diamondbacks

When the Atlanta Braves lost on Wednesday night, many Arizona Diamondbacks fans let out a sigh of relief, saying, “thank goodness it’s the Brewers.”

But those fans may want to take that statement back.

There is a reason the the Milwaukee Brewers started ace Zach Greinke on Wednesday: they wanted home field advantage. While every team wants to play at home, the Brewers have more of a reason to than any other MLB team.

The Milwaukee Brewers were the best in baseball at home all season.

Carrying a 57-24 home record makes the D-backs’ trip to the Midwest a much more daunting task. Considering that the Brewers have been in beast mode at Miller Park all season, taking the needed one away to win the series sounds a lot more difficult.

Thankfully, the D-backs will miss Greinke in Milwaukee, but still face a tough pitcher in Yovani Gallardom who is 10-2 at home this season with a 3.00 ERA.

At the end of the road trip, the D-backs need to come away with one, if not two, wins. It sounded easy at first, but taking one from the Brewers is not going to be a walk in Miller Park.