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Gonzalez on Hudson’s warning: ‘Shut your mouth, don’t say that’

Daniel Hudson had a message for anyone who deliberately
hits Justin Upton with a pitch this season.

“If it’s a starting pitcher, remember, he’s got to hit,”
Hudson told Arizona Sports 620’s Burns and
Gambo Monday.
“They either have to hit their spots, or
they better expect something in return.”

Hitting spots was an interesting choice of words, because
Tuesday, on the same show, Diamondbacks Special Assistant
to the President and CEO Luis Gonzalez said Hudson needed
to be a bit more careful with his when discussing hitting
opposing players.

“You know what I do now, I go in the locker room and I
pull him to the side and I say ‘shut your mouth, don’t say
that, and you just do it on the field because you earn
more respect,'” Gonzalez told Burns and Gambo. “Because
now, if that happens in a game and he doesn’t do it,
you’ve got it on tape…and fans are listening to this and
they’re going ‘well why the heck would he say that if he’s
not going to back it up?'”