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Reid: Whoever gets Kolb will compete for championship

While analyst, experts and insiders can speculate all they want about whether or not Kevin Kolb will be a member of the Arizona Cardinals next season, only one man will get to determine whether it happens or not. That man is Philadelphia Eagles head coach and general manager Andy Reid.

Reid joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio Wednesday morning and addressed the Kolb situation.

“I’ve got Kevin Kolb,” he said. “So I don’t have to do anything. Those teams that want him, they should want him. This guy is a heck of a kid and a great football player. He’s only touched the surface here. He really deserves that opportunity to go be the starting quarterback of an NFL team and compete to win a championship. We’re very fortunate and glad to have him.”

Although Reid thinks Kolb deserves the opportunity to start, that doesn’t mean he’s just going to give away the young quarterback if the deal isn’t right for his club.

“I’m sure when that window opens there are going to be people who come after him and come after him very aggressively,” he told the host. “Then I have to make a decision on this end on what’s best for our organization. Is it an aggressive enough offer for him to leave here or do I keep him here?”

If the Cardinals are serious about Kolb becoming their next starting quarterback it sounds like it is going to cost them. The question then becomes just how much is a guy who has only appeared in 19 NFL games and has thrown fewer touchdowns (11) than interceptions (14) in his career really worth, and can he be a legitimate starter?

Reid seems to think the sky is the limit for both.

“If he does leave here, whatever team gets him is a very fortunate team and will compete for a championship.”

Is Reid, who is viewed as a quarterback guru around the league, playing the role of used car salesman trying to convince potential trade partners, or is he being genuine in his assessment of Kolb? It will probably cost a the Cardinals a first round pick and more for the right to find out.