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Paulie Blog: A pre-emptive bracket busting

As a kid, ya know what used to really bug Paulie Pubescence? (That is, besides Skip Bayless, who, even in grade school, I found more annoying than carrot sticks in my lunch box – dang)

Besides that, what used to really turn me into Paulie Perturbed was when I’d flip on a big game (“Big Big Game!”) and I’d say: “Hey Dad, who ya rootin’ for?” And, inevitably, he’d respond: “Ah, well, son, I’m just pulling for a good game…”

My reaction: “What?! We’ve got Lakers-Celtics and you’re pulling for…a good game?”

Or, it’d be: “Come on, Pop! It’s 49ers-Cowboys and you’re pulling for…the scoreboard to stay close?”

And, on Saturdays, you’d hear me whine: “But, Dad, we’ve got stinkin’ USC playing (it doesn’t matter) and you’re not pulling for a complete jackstomping, so we don’t have to listen to that infernal Trojan band?!”

Exasperating. In fact, back then, I’d hear the robot from “Lost In Space” echo in my head: “That does not compute!”

But, as the saying goes, you live and learn. Or, more accurately, you learn to live.

And, guess what? As you ease into adulthood, the meaning of life becomes easier to define, right? Sure. The answer is simple: enjoy life. Enjoy.

Hence, effective immediately, Paulie Proclamation has made an executive decision: heretofore, the enjoyment of March Madness will be greatly enhanced by sacrificing (regardless of Lent) the following: My Bracket.