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Paulie Blog: Soaking in Tucson’s madness

When outsiders ask about the Phoenix sports scene, Paulie Chamber of Commerce tells ‘em: “You want it? We got it. And more than just multiple choice. In these here parts, we supersize your sports, I dun reckon…”

In fact, politicians really should update that sign on the Phoenix city limits (along with banning really bad Western accents). Instead of “Valley of the Sun,” Calvisi Consulting says it should read: “Phoenix – Smorgasbord of Sports.”

Or maybe just steal an “All-You-Can-Eat” sign from outside Luby’s or Golden Corral and slap it on Phoenix, because the 602 is a buffet of teams and leagues: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Pac Ten, NASCAR, PGA, WNBA, Cactus League, NHRA, Fiesta Bowl and, heck, even those global entertainers, the Harlem Globetrotters, reside in metro-Phoenix.

But! As we now see during March Madness, when you take your tray and proceed down that buffet line of local sports, there is one entrée that sits empty under the sneezeguard: College town.

A one-team town we are not. Not even close. Our sports marketplace is fractured and splintered, not unlike a Louisville Slugger sawed-off by Randy Johnson.

So, when UA-Memphis comes down to an all-important block by an All-America player in Derrrick Williams, well, we watch. We react – positive or negative. We might even jump – the bandwagon.