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Mess with the Beas..You Get the Antlers?!

Somewhere, my diligent disinfectant defense system (known as 3D around Casa Calvisi) of sanitary wipes in the workplace broke down. Hence, I’m sick (as in illin’, not stylin’).

Apparently, the Suns were also under the weather. In this case, they were sick and tired of losing games in the 4th quarter.

“We came together. That’s really been our problem this whole season – the end of the 3rd, the 4th quarter,” Michael Beasley said. “We just told each other – we don’t want to lose. Especially in front of a crowd like that on national TV. It just wasn’t an option for us.”

Sounds great. But, in this case, it looked even better. And that’s not our fever speaking either. As Al McCoy roared on AZ Sports 620 while Beasley was scoring 10 of his season high 27 pts in the fourth quarter – “Oh Brother! You had to see it to believe it..”

True that. In fact, don’t feel strange if you found yourself staring at the scoreboard in borderline disbelief. That was not a typo. Final score: Suns 92. Lakers 86.

Of course, it’s not like the Lakers are any more/less dysfunctional than the Suns (LAL just went 0-for-January on the road). Thing is, the Suns outscored the Lakers 29-13 in the final quarter to eclipse a 13 point deficit. In the Valley of the Sun(s) these days, that qualifies as a Holy Cannoli Happening.

“Tonight was a big setback for us, especially given that we were in control of the game and couldn’t close it out,” Steve Nash said following a game that featured a video tribute and a standing ovation from his former(current?) fans. “That’s disappointing.”

Here’s what we’re wondering – we know that Michael Phelps was courtside, fresh off the Phoenix Open Pro-Am. But, did anyone spot Vijay Singh anywhere near the Suns bench?
Because, getting back to Beasley, how do we possibly explain his splendicular performance other than to cite deer-antler spray? I mean, Vijay Singh is in town, right? And with his recent deer-antler spray admission of using the performance enhancer… I mean, is it possible it got into the Gatorade bucket… #Buzzer

“I’m just playing aggressive,” Beasley said. “I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. No more nonchalant Beas. I’m back to the Beast.”

Okay. But if Beasley starts calling his latest hair-do “The Antlers”… then the Calvisi Consulting I-Team reserves the right to launch an investigation.