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D in D-back: Don’t be so sensitive

Don’t Press Send. Perhaps the D-backs should add Herm Edwards to the roster as a bench coach. Because, in a way, this whole “Treat LA” episode stands as an example of what happens when a sports franchise fails to follow Edwards’ longtime mantra — “Don’t Press Send.”

As in, don’t send the team owner to press fans on changing out of Dodger Blue. That’s when the Sedona Red alarm should sound.

Look, if you don’t like the look of fans rocking Dodger gear in seats closer to home plate than the pitcher’s mound, it’s one thing to mull it over. It’s another thing to perhaps even mutter it. Either way, you’ll probably get away with it.

But as soon as the owner gets out of his seat and is spotted with flapping arms and flapping gums, well, you are it. The bigwig becomes the big story.

And, hey, we all get it — seeing opposing colors make team officials see red. But are the D-backs alone in trying to drown out their sorrows? Uh, no. Here in the A-Z, those bar stools are occupied with patrons from every local team.

Think about it, when the Coyotes host the Red Wings, what do we get? How ‘bout every winged-wheel sweater this side of Gordie Howe.

When the Lakers are in town, what populates the stands? Kobe Bryant jerseys ad-nauseum. When ASU hosts UA at Wells Fargo Arena, heck, it’s like somebody stole the curbs off the streets as Tempe temporarily morphs into Tucson North.

And when the Cardinals play the Cowboys, Bears, Giants, Packers, etc… what do you see (and hear) from the tailgate area through the front gate? Yes — a melting pot of NFL jerseys in all their visiting team glory.

Frustrating? Maddening? Ding and ding. But we are the Valley of the Transplant. Non-native Arizonans leave their family, friends and hometowns yet refuse to leave behind their team allegiances.

We all know this, just like we know the following: if you win, they’re in. Literally. Into your team shop to get into your gear.

Hence, why so sensitive? Attention D-backs — don’t go all Carlos Quentin here. Take the Dodger bean ball in the back and take your base.

No need to charge the mound. Or, in this case, change the clothes. It can always get worse. And you know what’s worse than looking at Dodger Blue in box seats? Looking small.

So, with special thanks to Herm Edwards, let’s all remember: the “D” in D-back should stand for – “Don’t Press Send.”