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Pac-12 football teams love experimenting with their helmets

For years, fans of the Arizona State football program could count on their team taking the field in gold helmets with a Sparky the Sun Devil logo on the each side.

In fact, that’s what ASU sported for 30 years.

Those days are over. The 2014 Sun Devils wore eight unique helmets in their 13 contests. Shockingly, that number wasn’t even the most in their conference.

Pac-12 teams combined to wear 51 different helmets this season — an average of four per team. On the high side, you have Oregon. While the Ducks are the nation’s runners-up in terms of the national championship, they are once again the undisputed kings of football fashion.

Oregon (depending on how you track all the elements) wore 11 different helmets in 2014. Only one team in the Pac-12, the Cal Golden Bears, took the field with the same headgear every week. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “boring!”

Here’s a look at what the members of the Pac-12 wore in the 2014 season.

**Note – Different helmet stickers and facemasks were considered enough to constitute a unique “look”. While Oregon wore 11 helmets, only seven are pictured — it was difficult to locate photos that showed all the elements of Oregon’s headgear.